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What is Jet?

Jet is a free computer program that is a playing assistant for the Europa Series (and sort of the Glory and The Great War Series) of games published by HMS/GRD.  Some of the games in this series are quite large.  Playing them can be a physical challange in that not everybody has the space to leave the games set up.  While some are small, others are larger than one could fit on a ping pong table.  JET is also a considerable assist when it comes to all of the math calculations for combat and movement.  It's biggest benefit though is it's ability to let two or more people play the game via email.  In short, it takes the greatest game system (IMHO) and removes many of the routine aspects, allowing the players to concentrate on the fun of playing the game.

A quick word on how JET came about.  It was designed by Janne Vitala.   He was a Europa player living in Finland and had a vision regarding the game series.  JET (Janne's Europa Tool) is the result.  He designed it as freeware with the hope that it would help Europa players.  Considering the programming involved, it must have taken an enormous amount of his time.  An incredibly generous act in our world that is often driven by greed.  Though he never quite finished the program, the program is quite playable in it's present form.  I've certainly had many hours of enjoyment because of Janne's and HMS/GRD's efforts.  Janne's JET website went inactive sometime back so I decided to create this page as a place where his programs would still be available to the gaming community.


Site Contents

JET Installation Not Yet Complete.

Although JET does not actually have to be "installed", certain files must be in specific directories in order for the program to work.  For those new to JET I will try and put together a short set of instructions with some images of how the directories and files need to be positioned.

Playing JET Some great information on how to use the JET program to play.
Contacts Contact information if you need to email some members of the JET Community that have been kind enough to volunteer to help answer questions.
JET User Group This link will take  you to the JET User Group.  Here you will find the latest information on what is being discussed in the JET community.  Useful comments and discussion on game play, scenario and map design as well as general information..
JET Development Group This link will take you to the JET Development Group where you can find the latest information and comments about the continuing development effort of the JET program.
Game File & Map Editor This page is where you can download the main game file as well as the map editor.
Scenario & Map Files This page is where you can download the various scenario and map files that have been created to date.
Janne's Original Help Function This is online access to Janne's original help files.  Though some parts are dated, it is still of great assistance.  It will also be available on your own computer once you download the game files.  Using this help function requires you to have MS Word.


Sample image from a "Fire In The East Game" using JET.